Frequently Asked Questions?

Yes. The Europe Magic Wand Massager is inspired by the American Hitachi magic wand massager but made to support voltage of 220v-240v, making it suitable for use in the UK and Europe. (The original Hitachi wand only supports 120v – not suitable for use in the UK/Europe). The specifications are nearly identical to the original: The Europe Magic Wand has 6 speeds and powerful vibrations that give mind-blowing orgasms.
Yes. The Europe Magic Wand is shipped very discreetly in a plain brown box with no images and no description about what is inside the package. 100% anonymous. Your confidentiality is our priority. Free Shipping to the UK & Europe.
Yes. It actually supports 100v-240v, which means you can use it in every country around the world, making it a great travel companion.
No. The genuine Hitachi magic wand can only be bought in USA and Canada. Hitachi does not allow the sale of the wand outside of North America as the product only supports 120v voltage and has not been CE approved to be legally sold in the United Kingdom.
The G-Spot attachment turns your Europe Magic Wand into a ‘2 in 1’ vibrator. It offers multiple options for both external and internal stimulation. More information about this G-Spot attachment can be found here.

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