5 Best sex shops in London

… Boost your sex life!

Do you want to make your sex life more exciting? Of course you do! But how do you do that? Time to visit a sex shop! London sex shops are modern and have friendly customer service so you can ask the staff for advice on how to make your sex life more…sexy! Here’s my list of the 5 best sex shops in London:

One of the 5 best sex shops in London

Coco De Mer

This is London’s most fancy sex shop: Coco De Mer.

The daughter of the Body Shop founder is the owner, so you can expect amazing decor, outstanding customer service and a great vibe overall.This adult shop only stocks the most luxurious sex toys, vibrators, jewellery, and they also have high-class lingerie made of the best and sexiest fabrics.

They host workshops like ‘how to spank’, ‘how to give good blowjobs’ and ‘how to make women ejaculate’. Making it hands down one of the best sex shop in London.

For more info, please visit Coco De Mer.

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List of 5 best sex shops in London

If you like to shop online, here’s the best sex shop: LoveHoney.

If you don’t like what you bought online, no problem! They offer FREE returns.

Don’t know which sex toy to buy? Check out their Buyer’s Guide.

They have the best prices. So you save time and money when you shop online.

Ready to boost your sex life? Visit Lovehoney.co.uk.


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Here’s another great adult shop in London: Sh! Sex shop.

The decor is classy and welcoming, and that’s why it made it on my list of the best sex shops in London. This shop has multiple floors and is open since 1992, so rest assured that they know what they’re talking about.

They have a specific section for couples, and another one for singles. You’ll definitely find the perfect sex toy for you in here.

For more info, please visit Sh! Sex shop.

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Honor is one of the best sex shops for adults in London

If you like all things fetish, you’ll love Honour.

Since 1988, Honour is a world-class fetish fashion brand. This adult shop is full of fetish clothing, apparel and specialist equipment. Back in 1988 they were selling mostly ‘normal’ lingerie, and then by popular demand they converted to selling fetish lingerie and clothing. This is by far one of London’s best sex shops for fetish lovers.

For more info, please visit Honour.

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Regulation is one of the top sex shops in London

Here’s a great fetish adult shop for men: Regulation.

These guys specialize in fetish clothing for men, made of latex and leather. Sexy stuff!

They have been doing this for 20 years, and can help you get custom fetish clothes made just for you, to make sure they embrace each curve of your body. They also have tons and tons of high quality sex toys and vibrators from many of the top brands in the world. Definitely the best sex shop in London for fetish products.

For more info, please visit Regulation.

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Best overall: LoveHoney

They have the best prices, friendly customer service and free returns.

Are you ready to boost your sex life? If you want to boost your sex life, you know what to do: Visit a sex shop!

Remember, you can save time and money if you shop at online sex shops like Lovehoney.

Not in London? Check out other sex shops in Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Newcastle, or visit online sex shops.